What I Can Offer

Narrative Research & Strategy

  • Design and run training for staff, volunteers and activists on all elements of narrative change, from a basic introduction to how to implement a narrative change strategy in practice
  • Consolidate existing research and/or conduct original narrative analysis in order to better understand the dominant narratives surrounding your particular issue area
  • Design and run immersive, reflective workshops in order to help identify deep narratives and their replacements
  • Particular interest in designing and running specific narrative interventions with NGOs, artists and cultural organisations in order to shift deep narratives relating to values
  • Support organisations to think through what a narrative approach may look like in practice within their work

Strategic Communications

  • Design and run bespoke workshops for staff, volunteers and activists on all elements of strategic communications practice, from an introduction to framing to designing a strategic communications strategy
  • Consolidate existing research that may exist on your specific cause, as well as conduct original audience insight research in order to help identify the best ways to talk about a specific issue
  • Run frame development and testing activities with stakeholders
  • Comment on existing communications materials and make suggestions on how to enhance it, or support you to develop new messaging based on research
  • Design communication strategies including information on audiences, channels and suggested messages

Campaigning, Activism & Public Engagement

  • Support organisations to run collaborative campaign design processes and strategy sessions
  • Design and deliver campaign training to activists and staff
  • Support organisations to disrupt, reframe and reinvigorate their membership or activism offers in line with the latest research and thinking on activism and engagement in order to grow the level of grassroots support for their cause
  • Particular expertise in youth and student activism and engagement, with experience in youth consultation, strategy or programme creation and activist retention
  • Support organisations on how to bring activists and volunteers closer into the work via leadership and training programmes, coaching and the creation of efficient feedback loops.
  • Support organisations to implement clear strategies around activist well-being.

Training & Learning

  • Design and deliver learning programmes and curriculums, both online and offline, for staff, volunteers or activists covering different parts of the change cycle
  • Design and run youth education programmes looking at ‘difficult’ and often ignored issues, such as British colonial history and its effects on international development today, structural racism, whiteness and unpacking what it means to ‘help’
  • Design and run programmes looking at social change history and what we can learn as campaigners and activists today
  • Create and run learning experience activities, such as interactive training, or immersive events
  • Particular interest in development education programmes, which focus on tackling the way that people think and feel about countries in the southern hemisphere, challenging stereotypes and facilitating deep discussion

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