What I Can Offer


  • Support organisations to disrupt, reframe and reinvigorate their membership or activism offers in line with the latest research and thinking on activism and engagement.
  • Support organisations to grow the level of grassroots support for their cause.
  • Have particular expertise in youth and student activism and engagement, with experience of youth consultation, strategy or programme co-creation, diversification of activism entry points, retention and developing activist leadership capacity.
  • Keen interest in supporting organisations to move from traditional activism offers to movement-building principles. 
  • Support organisations on how to bring activists and volunteers closer into the work via leadership and training programmes, coaching and the creation of efficient feedback loops.
  • Support organisations to implement clear strategies around activist well-being to ensure the best possible experience is given to supporters.
  • Design and deliver engaging activist training on a range of topics relating to campaigning and influencing.


  • Support organisations to run collaborative campaign design processes, specifically with young people.
  • I particularly enjoy working on longer-term, strategic campaigns, designed to shift public attitudes on different social and environmental issues.
  • Support organisations with building hopeful narratives, which tap into audience values.
  • Design and deliver campaign training to activists and staff.
  • Keen interest in campaigns that help to connect people to structural issues to increase knowledge of why certain issues exist, how they are sustained and what the role of the public is in seeing them challenged.


  • Design and deliver learning programmes, both online and offline, for activists and those interested in global citizenship, looking at how social change happens.
  • Design and run youth education programmes looking at ‘difficult’ and often ignored issues, such as British colonial history and its effects on international development today, structural racism, whiteness, what it means to ‘help’ abroad.
  • Design and run programmes looking at social change history and what we can learn as campaigners and activists today.
  • Create and run learning experience activities, such as interactive training, or immersive events.
  • Particular interest in development education programmes, which focus on tackling the way that people think and feel about countries in the southern hemisphere, challenging stereotypes and facilitating deep discussion.


  • Run training programmes for university and school students interested in volunteering overseas, supporting them to engage in the best and most ethical ways possible.
  • Design bespoke training for university or school international volunteering programmes, to support students to be as equipped as possible before heading overseas.
  • Work with university, school and college staff in the UK to help them strengthen their international volunteering offer for their students.
  • Support university, school and college staff to create responsible, ethical and sustainable international volunteering programmes.
  • Support universities, schools and colleges to deliver effective placement debriefs and social action programmes for their students on their return to the UK.
  • Work with volunteer travel providers to strengthen their programmes.
  • Speak internationally on issues and trends relating to the practice of international volunteering.
  • Design and deliver campaigns aiming to improve the practice of international volunteering.
  • I have particular expertise on preventing orphanage tourism.

If you think I might be the right person to help you with any of the above, feel free to get in touch. I’d love to hear more about what projects you have planned!