A selection of lovely people saying lovely things!

I’ve worked closely with Ruth for two years – for a good part of that time she and I comprised the totality of staff at Common Cause Foundation. Ruth has a striking ability to rapidly assimilate new and complex information, and immediately apply this to new contexts. She does so with her unerring cheerfulness and good humour, underpinned by a strong sense of responsibility to those she works with, and an impressive efficiency. She is highly adaptable – in her short time at Common Cause Foundation she has overseen the development and delivery of a new format for our flagship workshops, project managed the launch of a new website and developed one of the most rigorous impact assessment frameworks I have encountered. If you’re fortunate enough to be offered the chance to work with her, I’d strongly recommend that you seize it. 

“I found Ruth an absolute pleasure to work with. We collaborated on a project to build greater reciprocity in the social sector and she approached the work with thoughtfulness, curiosity and great enthusiasm. Ruth is an excellent listener and holds a wealth of knowledge in the field of narrative change. I always come away from our conversations with my head buzzing thanks to her ideas, passion and commitment about social and cultural change! I hope we will work together again in the future.” 

“Ruth has significant campaigning, mobilisation and youth engagement technical experience. Whilst working at Restless she was able to offer hugely valuable strategic insights, helping us to understand how to most effectively focus our resources and activities so that we could have an impact. Practically, she is also a fantastic project manager and able to deliver complex projects and contracts with limited support. Ruth also has significant expertise and knowledge on a number of other specific focus areas, including: global learning, youth social action and campaign strategy. She helped us to revise our approach supporting young people to lead change, and to develop a model that has the potential to be rolled out to a range of different young people. She is a real expert and a pleasure to work with.”

“In her time as Campaigns Organiser at Migrant Voice, Ruth was a hugely valuable contributor, strengthening our campaigning work through her astute understanding of what could be achieved and how to go about doing it. She grasped the intricacies of complex issues quickly and brought a strategic mindset, a positive attitude and a commitment to work hard. Despite only being with us part-time for six months, she was able to move our key campaign forwards and left us in an excellent position to continue the work. Ruth was a fantastic colleague and we would absolutely recommend her!”

“Ruth massively stepped up Generation Rent’s campaigning during the snap general election of 2019. She co-ordinated a complex supporter engagement plan to help Generation Rent supporters lobby local candidates and put our renters manifesto on the map. Ruth is such a joy to work with, a natural with volunteers and supporters, and a really calming person to be around.  I wish we could have her in the office all the time!”

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Ruth for about five years. We have worked collaboratively together on many shared campaigns, research and projects in relation to promoting ethical tourism and volunteering. Ruth has a huge amount of hands-on experience in youth engagement and is able to connect this learning to other important issues of our times, such as ethical volunteering. I am always impressed by Ruth’s ability to express herself in such a clear and concise way, so that others can learn from her vast knowledge, and indeed she is always generous in how she shares her knowledge for the greater good. Ruth is sincere, kind and the type of person you want to have working with you in your team! Anyone who gets to work with her is very lucky.”

“I recruited Ruth as a consultant earlier this year to manage the design and delivery of an education project to be rolled out across UK schools. Ruth had oversight of the entire project management cycle from initial design through to evaluation, delivering the project on time and in budget, and to an exceptional standard. She brought her substantial youth engagement experience to the project, identifying and building relationships with crucial stakeholders in order to ensure the project’s overall success. Under time constraints, Ruth was able to deliver work quickly and professionally, and was a valued member of the team. I would not hesitate to recommend her”.

“I’ve known Ruth for several years and have had the pleasure of working with her closely more recently as part of the London International Development Team. She is a founder’s dream – proactive, creative and full of enthusiasm. She thinks strategically, challenges where she sees injustice or room for improvement and follows through on ideas. She helped us create a communications plan and has built a team of volunteers who share a consistently excellent ‘weekly roundup’. Any organisation would be lucky to work with her.”

“Ruth combines a real expertise in campaigning, the crucial factors to ensure that wanting to do good truly translates to doing good as well as being efficient and output focused. She has strong project management skills and when she worked at GenGive to deliver a joint family day with Amnesty amongst other things, she took strategic and operational ownership while being easy and fun to work with.”

I have had the pleasure of working with Ruth for the past couple of years, drawing on her expert knowledge of the international volunteering sector to support the development of a youth-targeted behaviour change campaign to reduce orphanage volunteering among gap year travellers. In 2019, Ruth led the design, delivery and evaluation of a pilot education programme, working as a consultant for the Better Care Network. The aim of the programme was to engage teachers and students in secondary schools in England to think differently about orphanage volunteering. She is also a highly-valued member of the cross-sectoral global coalition, ReThink Orphanages. She has committed much of her spare time to the coalition and brings to the table clear, strategic thinking on how to shift the way that countries in the global north engage with overseas aid and development, particularly in the context of youth engagement. Ruth is a tireless campaigner whom I have much enjoyed working with during my time with the Better Care Network.

“I’ve worked with Ruth on a number of projects, ranging from international development to engaging young people with volunteering, for over 10 years and in each one she has shown a fantastic level of professionalism and dedication. Ruth gives 100% to any project that she is involved in and has an ability to grapple with the tiniest details and understand and communicate how they fit in to the bigger picture. She’s empathetic, caring and passionate and I look forward to working with her again on many other projects.”

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