About Me

I’ve been active in the social and environmental change sector for just over a decade. In this time I’ve run campaigns, written and delivered activist engagement strategies, organised large-scale events, designed learning programmes and curriculums focused on social change, managed international teams, and developed a keen interest and understanding of what is means to tackle the root causes of a range of social and environmental issues.

Based in London, my freelance work today tends to focus on UK public engagement, with particular expertise in narrative strategy. I’m driven by the question of how more people can be supported to understand and engage with social and environmental issues in more effective ways to ultimately lead to greater and more strategic action, focused on root causes and underlying structures and not just small wins.

I hold a Postgraduate Certificate in Media, Campaigning and Social Change from the University of Westminster, an MSc from the LSE in Human Rights and a BA from the University of Exeter in Theology. I hope to pursue a PhD in the future.

Here are a few things that I believe and bring with me to every piece of work I’m involved in:

  • I believe that listening deeply is the ultimate super power.
  • I believe that until you tap into people’s intrinsic values, your campaigning and activism will only be surface level.
  • I believe that good intentions are not enough. We also need a clear understanding of how change happens.
  • I believe that a good view and a good cup of tea solve almost every ill.
  • I believe the issues we face are never going to be solved by one individual, one organisation or indeed, one government. Collaboration is key.
  • I believe in the power of people-led campaigning – especially youth-led campaigning.
  • I believe that language affects thinking, which affects actions, which affects policy.
  • I believe hope is a bigger driver than fear.
  • I believe our world is beautiful, but complex and so requires solutions that go beyond simple cause and effect.

When I’m not working or studying, I love to explore new places, curl up with a good book or dream about when I can finally get my own dog! 

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